Wednesday, November 7, 2007

everything in this bedroom makes noise.

tonight i started to find the natural resonance of my bedroom. i made this audio recording by making an initial 5 minute field-recording inside my bedroom. i then took that recording and played it back through speakers at the same natural volume. example: the wind outside, sound of my computer running, sound of the house creaking was played back at the exact same natural + organic volume. while i played back the first recording i made a second field-recording inside my room. taking the second recording i made a third recording. by continuing this process all sounds started to shape into the overall dynamic of the room - space.

i did this process 10 times. i'm going to keep working. i would like to keep continuing the process because each time i made another recording i'll get closer to the natural resonance of the room.

when i get close enough i will play the recording back into my bedroom & since the frequencies are so close to the natural frequencies in the room -- the soundscape will start to create overtones + natural feedback. maybe i'll find the natural frequency of every room in my house + invite friends over to listen. doesn't everyone want enhanced hearing? -- let's listen.

everything in this bedroom makes noise.

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