Thursday, November 15, 2007

i have a ton of ideas for stuff i want to make. i really want to try and do a craft show because i've gotten a lot of messages about the paintings. some people want them. its more than i could have hoped for. i would have no idea how to go about it though. do i do some in advance that people have said they like or just take a portfolio type book and take orders.. both? i have no idea. i have a pay pal account. could i make people sign on to pay me, would they do that? how do you go about taking a credit card payment when you're in the flesh? i'm in over my head. maybe if i did well at a craft show he would let me quit my job and do that. i get so many ideas and try to make them i spreading myself to thin. i just don't know what people will like more. i guess thats why i made the myspace page to see what people like and what they think they could make themselves... not all the stuff i want to make fits into the genre of most of the stuff i have already made.

i started knitting a baby blanket though. it takes so long to knit a friggin blanket. i want to make a little hood for it so its like those baby towels... crochet a little animal or strawberry on the hood.. then make one or two washcloths to go with it.. and maybe hand make some soap. baby safe of coarse. how the heck would i make it baby safe? wrap it all up in a big thick ribbon. with a bow. i think that would be nice. no one would want it though i guess except grnadmas that buy things for their grand kids that people don't really use.. and grandma's can make those themselves i guess.. maybe i could appeal to the lazy grandma's out there. that are sick of knitting.

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Emmy said...

fuck no. i would buy shit like that. i mean, if i had a baby and all...
two things:
1.) i always prefer to buy things handmade over mass produced (and i think a lot of others feel this way)
2.) anything knitted is good.
do it to it.