Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fourth song could use another electric guitar.
Volkman did that at Oakland and it made sense. Also,
more melody could be in the second half of the first
verse. My part sucks there. I'm working on it. I
tried to make it sound like something you'd hear on
"Graceland", but it's obnoxious after one pattern.
Maybe a banjo goin' to town would work better, and
another melody could kind of call and response the
vocals. Not note for note, just something simple to
fill the gaps when singing stops. What's Dan do in
the verses? John didn't do his part live. We'll see
if that was intentional or if we didn't have the space
onstage. He should get to christen it on record,
though. I don't know. Also, is the cabasa supposed
to keep going in the breakdown? Cause it shouldn't.
It's the only instrument that doesn't change and it
sounds like whoever was playing it wasn't paying
attention to the rest of us. Overall, I think this song
Is one of the best.

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