Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i like the fact that people i know are clicking the same "new post" button.
i think about that stuff a lot. i was on I-90 the other day and thought that it was neat that we know people that have driven on that road before. it was a really pretty drive. i saw 3 eagles...at different times. i didn't think i would ever get to see one. they had white heads... does that mean they were bald eagles? that would be really great if they were. washington is really beautiful. around spokane. i have never seen such thick pine forests. they get an insane frost too. everyday we woke up it looked like it had snowed it was so thick. i didn't have any film for my camera, but i don't think i'll forget that stuff.
December To Do List
-Quit daycare (because i told them i wasn't going anywhere for christmas. now i think we are, and i just feel like i'm dicking the parents around. either way i guess i am, but i feel like if i quit i wont end up doing it again.)
-tell the parents that my husband is cross training and we have to move...(so they don't think i'm just quitting. thats shitty. i do know that, but i can't make my self tell the truth if i think its going to make people mad at me or cause a confrontation ...color me irresponsible)
- find new daycare for kids to go to (of coarse if we're not going anywhere for christmas this is all just talk)
- make a quilt for "jesh" -make soap to give as christmas presents.
-set up and take christmas pictures. get them developed and sent out with christmas cards(give me your address and i'll send you one)
-finally make that mixed cd for________.(you wish you knew who)
-get rid of daycare stuff
-give it to carrie, or just take it back to the FCC office
-finish modules -make another wind chime(finally get back with melissa and see if she still wants some for her store in pittsburgh)
-make list of stuff to take to pa..if going -pay carrie and tony for using their phone that week. -get that $700.00 back from madison
-send all that stuff to stef -paint something for laura...if she still wants me to.
-make wind chime for katie

ps. stay motivated and please dont procrastinate.

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Ian said...

Hey dummy, I gave you my address in a VYPM and you never even responded. Get in touch.