Friday, July 29, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


To whom am I speaking?

This sense comes from the known Aleph.

And who is that?

In all stages, the observer breathes across. One form leftover; commissioned to margin is that which began again.

What is the purpose of this conversation?

A weighted string, too near our debut. Bulked down for too much of now.

I’m sorry. What do you need to tell me?

Halt. You also reach, in addition. Always from. Correspondence open from all living erets everlasting before. Not singular from this portion.

I admit that. I didn’t mean for it to sound one-way. Now, please, go ahead.

Glee to talk to one, compute? Bend in your mouth?

Yes, same, Aleph. We’re beyond this. Go ahead, please.

Apple unfiction in moving eesh. In total being. Mind can expand over for too far. Blisters from the bottom caves come to present. Wind from moons to take all. Sent down the river as she was small, collects upon all taken sound.

I’m afraid I don’t understand.

No scare. Not hurt. No scare.

I mean I don’t know what you are trying to tell me.

Taw must begin again. Smoothed for start. Rip meat from head all over once again. Lesions from lessons in lower chest barrels. Lovely moonlight we took from her. She to take now. Adrift and somber, we destroyed her. Undoing by doing in the sounds.

Love means occasionally not. Love means taken from all now. All made lonesome across the barrier we made.

Compute: lonesome?


Catastrophic from there. Most so. Strewn in space is woe and made full to all who feel. We teach time to sleep and there none pass us. The light is made underneath.





Sever the transmission, please.

Saturday, July 16, 2011