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We must up-rise against The Cambria Country Library!! We must find a "space" for local-diy and independent art & media in our local library. We can advertise that CDs & Books (Novels, Poetry, Visual Art, Photography) are available at the library. Naturally it will create a whole new grass-roots movement in the sub-culture of Western, PA that now Punk Kids can go downtown, get a library card, check out Emmett and Mary S/T (and hopefully many more release to come), and also find a book of poetry by John Cage.

Let's get Mary Lou on board. I know she would love to dive in --

Mary Lou Repsher:

Hello Brandon,
Thank you for thinking of us. Unfortunately the library has very little space in our CD cabinets and we put few donations in the collection. I did leave a message at your phone number that the CDs would be at our circulation desk so that you could pick them up again.
Good luck with your music.
Mary Lou Repsher

From: Brandon Locher []
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2010 2:13 PM
To: reference e-mail
Subject: Emmett and Mary - S/T

Cambria Country Library:

My name is Brandon Locher. Yesterday I donated two copies of Emmett and Mary - S/T to the library. I wanted to make sure the copies of the CDs are received and in the correct hands for submission.

Emmett and Mary - S/T is an independent release from the Johnstown, PA based artist collective My Idea of Fun. Two weeks ago the album received regional press in the Pittsburgh City Paper, local press this week in Our-Town, and most recently a national CD review from Portland, OR based Spectrum Culture. The album recording features over 30+ Johnstown, PA based/Western PA based musicians & artists.

I feel the release has local & regional importance as well as national attention. Everyone involved with the project/release would be fully honored if the two CD copies of Emmett and Mary S/T that was donated to the library yesterday would be accepted.

Let me know,
Brandon Locher

BP 004

E & M

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was cruising through old entries and found these goodies....

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This Weekend in Cambria City!

An original one-act play by Bret Sarlouis, a Johnstown native and all-around awesome person. "Entitled" is just the first of many MIOF and (un)apologetic productions collaborations. It features (The One and Only) Matt Miller playing live original music, co-direction by Kate Davis and set design by Laci Hess. The two-person play runs about an hour with a discussion directly after. If you're in the area come out and support - Thursday thru Sunday - at the BottleWorks Ethnic Arts Center.

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n'ow available

on'ce your order is received for a livin' free t-shirt, l'f will ritualistically bury your shirt in' sacred dirt (blessed durin'g the n'omadik pestilen'ce of 2008) for 14 hours. after exhumation', this tough baby will be on' its way to you.

do n'ot wash. all color/size requests will be ign'ored. 6 shirts available at this time.

sen'd $7 (ppd) in well con'cealed cash to:

Koestler & Rummell
419 Roosevelt Blvd
Johnstown, PA 15906

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Why is it that every time you make an appearance in my life it's in a less than complimentary fashion?