Thursday, November 29, 2007

School day

Had to read an excerpt from a short story to practice for end of the semester reading. Had to use microphone in tiny room. The professor from across the hall came over in the middle of my reading and asked if "the volume could be lowered substantially."

2 new entries to the bathroom graffiti war. 1 entirely new voice.
Directly below my last entry the new voice wrote: "don't fool yourself, buddy, mommy and daddy pay for his ass to be sittin here"
A response from my original criticizer to his new enemy read: "shut up, fagget"
Number of responses criticizer has left: 2
Homosexual slurs left by criticizer: 2

Held the door for a girl who was walking unusually fast. She belched as she walked past me. She nodded in thanks, with no detectable embarrassment.

Smug fuck, glum fuck aging-hipster-professor canceled class today. It was the first class of his all semester to be canceled.

Saw an advertisement for an upcoming mock accident drill asking for volunteers to be "rescued" from the river via township firemen throwing ropes to you.

Heard computer lab technician talking to male student about the death of NFL football player Sean Taylor: "It fucking sucks, man. He was doing awesome on my fantasy team."

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