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Emmett and Mary Timeline Part 4


-          While the Man Up The Street Builds a Bomb…
-          Veronica Connel finally takes a plane to Paris, France.
-          Panzy Webb dies of natural causes on January 10th, 2011.
-          Ramona Strayer and Peter Watts’ Wedding is on Tuesday January 11th, 2011.  People in attendance include: Andrew Strayer, Annette Karson, Duane Strayer, Wendy Strayer, Emily Hoover and Maggie Strayer
-          Marion Boxler attempts suicide right before the end, but fails and keeps on keeping on.
-          Precautions - Josephine March is alone at the end after finding out she’s pregnant with most likely Linus’ baby.
-          An Eclipsed Space
-          Losing Sensation
-          Days Like This
-          The Rising Tension of Impending Houseguests
-          THE APOCALYPSE – Tuesday January 11th, 2011
-          Surveying Revelations (Song)
-          There are no Groupies in Heaven (Ending)
-          A Flash of Light
-          A Flash of Dark
-          Actual Airplane
-          Ghost Lands
-          Broadcast Fireworks Display (Ending)
-          The Deflated Generation (Mitchell’s Diary Entrees Begin)
-          Peter Watts and Andrew Strayer are both killed in separate incidents in the middle of the country after the bombs and such.
-          Bryant Staicer allegedly kills Staci West and Darcey Klein in their apartment after all hell breaks loose.
-          Mitchell Graft kills Bryant Staicer in East Heights with his father’s gun.
-          Mitchell Graft runs into Amanda Applebee, Suzie Kamler, and Lindsey Pope outside of East Heights’ Market.
-          Amanda Applebee, Suzie Kamler and Lindsey Pope all die in a car wreck after leaving Mitchell Graft at Crown Lake.
-          The remaining government sends down what little relief they can via capsules to all the stale sections of these here United States.
-          Mitchell Graft kills Dominick Hinton in Morris’ Bar and Grill at the end of January.
-          Mithcell Graft combines his survival efforts with Wendell James thus securing and cursing his current situation.

-          Systems and Symptoms, Chapter 28 (Omega)
-          Ramona Strayer and Annette Karson are kidnapped by a group of savages.  Annette dies during this time.
-          Mitchell Graft and Wendell James raid The Dewitt’s House killing brothers Greg and Rickie and their father Lester.
-          Mitchell Graft visits Cherry Woods Firehall, leaving a van and some supplies at his old stomping ground.  Around the same time, he also buries a capsule of gasoline underneath the monkey bars at Easton Middle School.
-          Mitchell Graft and Wendell James begin fixing a border around East Heights
-          Wendell James kills Ernie Albright in East Heights after Ernie is one of the first to escape from the underground.

-          Dalton Applebee, Doran Reese, Curtis Buck, Brandy Ryan, Melissa Cominsky, Travis Mizera and a few others escape from underground and set up shop on a string of abandoned houses on Brush Road, sacking and kidnapping Mitchell Graft in the process.
-          Curtis Buck kills Travis Mizera after Travis attempts to rape Brandy Ryan.  Brandy is also killed from stray gunfire.
-          Mitchell escapes the underground crew with the help of Curtis Buck.
-          Naomi Gordon, DJ Gordon, Jason Purelli, Leonard Kenny and Laney King subsequently save Mitchell and Curtis from some redneck hick in East Heights.
-          Mitchell and Laney King run into and recruit Zeke Morgan, Evie Dodson, Greg Hood and Charlie Nolan fresh from the underground.
-          Ramona Strayer is rescued from her kidnappers by Henry Webb, Lucas Barnes and Gail Ellis, all three on their way back to East Heights.
-          Duane, Wendy and Maggie Strayer meet Jude, Maude and Zack Farren along with Benji Tate, Lorene Connel and Morgan Grayson in Clearview, Illinois.
-          Naomi Gordon, DJ Gordon, Laney King, Jason Purelli, Leonard Kenny, Dennis Larson, Charlie Nolan, Zeke Morgan, Evie Dodson, Greg Hood, Hannah Hooper, and Curtis Buck all leave East Heights and head for Steeple Hill, Ohio.
-          Mitchell Graft finally kills Wendell James in East Heights.
-          Mitchell Graft finds and buries Jane, and also finds a deceased Dalton Applebee with a needle in his arm.
-          Mitchell Graft starts planting various crops on the farm at the far end of Franklin Road in East Heights, Vermont.

-          Underground Uprisings in many locations
-          Brady Connel escapes from the underground and warns all of his family in Clearview.  It’s around this same time that Duane, Wendy, Maggie, Jude, Zack, Benji, Lorene, Maude, Brady and Morgan all flee and are in Steeple Hill by the end of the month.
-          After hiding out in Mary’s cabin for three months, Emmett, Linus, Lee and Mary return to East Heights in April and find Mitchell as one of the only survivors.
-          Lee and Mitchell find the underground, and raid it for supplies in East Heights.  They also find the majority of everyone’s parents completely dead from suicide pills.
-          Linus Mansfield moves to Zeke Morgan’s old apartment on Ash Road.
-          The Deflated Generation (Mitchell’s Entrees End)

-          The Persistence of Double Vision
-          Naomi Gordon along with several others meets up with more survivors in Steeple Hill, Ohio.

-          Stan Vargas, Rueben Barnes and Della Rhodes all find East Heights.

-          Ramona Strayer returns to East Heights with Gail Ellis, Henry Webb and Lucas Mills.
-          Surveying Revelations (Short Story) Linus Mansfield is reunited with Ramona in East Heights.

-          Katie Glass and Leila Bennett finally make their way out of New York City and end up in Steeple Hill, Ohio
-          Supplies start to run low in Steeple Hill prompting several residents to go searching for other places to inhabit.  Duane, Wendy and Maggie Strayer, Jude, Maude, Naomi and Zack Farren, Benji Tate, Morgan Grayson, Lorene and Brady Connel, Zeke Morgan, Evie Dobson, Greg Hood, Hannah Hooper, and Leonard Kenny take two vans back to East Heights.

-          Aimee Shields gives birth to Kerry Kruger in Steeple Hill.
-          The two vans arrive in East Heights, promptly and in time for the first harvest.

-          Brett Larson escapes from the underground in North Shade, Illinois, leaving Lane and Sally Everhart to fend for themselves (MORE DETAILS TO COME…)

-          Evie Dobson gives birth to June Morgan in a reconstructed East Heights

-          Della Rhodes gives birth to Arthur Barnes in a reconstructed East Heights


-          Gail Ellis gives birth to Alena Webb is a reconstructed East Heights
-          Maggie Strayer is five.

-          Mary (Lugar) Karson gives birth to Lillian Karson in a reconstructed East Heights

-          Ramona Strayer gives birth to Pete and Josephine (Joey) Mansfield in a reconstructed East Heights.

-          Hannah Hooper gives birth to Alvin Hood in a reconstructed East Heights.

-          Phoebe Dwyer gives birth to Ricky Gordon in Steeple Hill.

-          Noah Marcus and Muriel Cavallo find themselves, warped from the underground and soon travel to Markel, Iowa.


-          Naomi Gordon gives birth to Henry Farren in a reconstructed East Heights.
-          Maggie Strayer turns six.

-          Laney King gives birth to Phil Purelli in Steeple Hill.
-          Katie Glass gives birth to Calvin Nolan in Steeple Hill.

-          Maude Farren gives birth to Clara Connel in a reconstructed East Heights.


-          Muriel (Cavallo) Marcus gives birth to Tommy Marcus in Markel, Iowa.

-          Lorene Connel gives birth to Ross Tate in a reconstructed East Heights.

-          Phoebe Dwyer gives to Sam Gordon in Steeple Hill, Ohio.


-          Evie Dobson gives birth to Marian Morgan in a reconstructed East Heights.

-          Leila Bennett gives birth to Rita Buck in Steeple Hill.


- Emmett Karson and Linus Mansfield record and release the Radioactive Antiquities EP with the scraps of basement leftovers in East Heights, Vermont.  TECH EP Lives.

-          Lorene Connel gives birth to Doug Tate in a reconstructed East Heights


-          Emmett Karson and Mary Lugar get married in East Heights, Vermont in a ceremony amongst survivors that spawns several other repeat celebrations.

 -          The Reconstruction of Euclid Nebraska begins… MORE TO COME (Fletcher and Sylvester)


-          Maggie Strayer stumbles upon the abandoned Dewitt Residence in East Heights.


-          A band of roughly twenty survivors and their kids happen upon East Heights, further government systems and regulations being inevitably set up by The Civilized Union Liberal Track.


-          There is a failed raid on East Heights from a group of scavengers.


-          Duane Strayer dies of natural causes in East Heights.


-          Maggie Strayer turns sixteen.

-          Maggie Strayer and Zack Farren fool around for the first time at the abandoned Dewitt residence.

-          Wendy (Strayer) McCoy dies of natural causes in East Heights.
-          Maggie moves into 1325 Ash Road with Linus, Ramona, Pete and Joey.





-          Reid Ramsey and his crew of defunct followers pass through Steeple Hill and kill all of the older generation, before abducting and reprogramming the youths of the town.

-          Mitchell Graft flees East Heights on the Fourth of July.
-          The Deflated Generation
-          The youth of East Heights rebel and destroys the majority of the town.
-          Alvin Hood is shot and killed by Linus Mansfield.
-          Maggie Strayer, Zack and Henry Farren, as well as Josephine and Peter Mansfield flee East Heights.
-          Seeds, Soil, Milk, Water (Aftershock)
-          Implications on Changing Weather (January and June)
-          Maggie and her crew first run into Marion Boxler in Orchard, New York.  Peter Mansfield subsequently loses his virginity to Marion.
-          Maggie Strayer accidentally shoots Dennis Larson in Steeple Hill, Ohio.  He lives in the basement of the Hoover Technologies builder for a long time afterwards.
-          Reid Ramsey and his defunct band of misanthropes capture Maggie Strayer and her crew.  Zack and Henry Farren as well as Peter Mansfield are soon subscribers to these new mantras.
-          Lane and Sally Everhart kill Rickie and Sam Gordon in North Shade, Illinois and shoot Reid Ramsey.
-          Maggie Strayer kills Lane and Sally Everhart in their underground hideout underneath the North Shade Country Club Golf Course.
-          Noah Marcus, his wife Muriel and their son Tommy, take in Maggie Strayer, Josephine Mansfield and Reid Ramsey for the night outside Markel, Iowa.
-          Maggie Strayer, Josephine Mansfield and Reid Ramsey arrive in Euclid, Nebraska

-          The Death of Emmett and Mary


-          Maggie Strayer gives birth to her only daughter Ana Strayer Ramsey in Euclid, Nebraska
-          Several years to hibernate.

-          Several years to hibernate.

-          Several years to hibernate.

-          The Deflated Generation Epilogue


1.      Precautions (Intro) (Locher)
2.      The Upstanding Sons and Daughter of East Heights Country Club (Bell/Locher)
3.      Trilogy: Preview (Locher)
4.      Trilogy: Feature (Locher)
5.      Trilogy: Sequel (Locher/Bell)
6.      Fanatical Hunting Club (Locher/Bell)
7.      The Summer’s Pull (Bell/Locher)
8.      You’re So Beautiful (Interlude) (Locher)
9.      To Absent Strangers (Bell/Locher/Jackson)
10.  The Book of Idols (Bell)
11.  Hell on Echo Avenue (Bell/Locher)
12.  There Are No Groupies in Heaven (Bell/Locher)
13.  Surveying Revelations (Locher/Bell)


 Lecture 1: (Surveying Revelations E.P.)

1.      Popular Invitations (Bell/Locher)
2.      Surveying Revelations (Ash Road) (Locher/Bell)
3.      The Ballad of Emmett and Mary (This Love So Tragic) (Bell/Locher)
4.      Implications on Changing Weather (January and June) (Locher/Bell)
5.      Early Dismissal (Teenage Queen) (Bell/Locher/Fisher)
6.      Seeds, Soil, Milk, Water (Aftershock) (Bell/Locher)*
7.      The Scheduled Details (Replacement Parts) (Bell/Locher) *
8.      … Untitled track
9.      Personal Static (Bell/Locher/Adelman)
10.  Answers Page 327 (Bell/Locher/Adelman)
11.  Square Tenses (/Locher/Adelman/Goch)
12.  Josephine (Outro) (Bell/Locher)

Lecture 2 (The Summer’s Pull E.P.)

13.  The Summer’s Pull (Bell/Locher)
14.  Conversation by Appointment (Spin, Go Round) (Locher/Bell)
15.  Hazy Programming (Bell//Miller)
16.  Blink Twice (Bell//Miller)
17.  The Persistence of Double Vision (Bell//Miller)
18.  The View from Across Linden Street (Bell//Miller)

Lecture 3 (Fanatical Hunting Club E.P.) (UNRELESAED)

19.  Radio Jingle #39 (Locher/Bell)
20.  Fanatical Hunting Club (Locher/Bell)
21.  Clay’s Lament (Adelman)
22.  Answers (with Matt) (Locher/Bell)
23.  Grow Up in the Dark (Bell/Oatman/Hess/Horvath/Fisher)
24.  Answers…
25.  C.U.L.T. S.O.N.G. (Bell/Locher)
26.  A Sound Remedy for Boredom (Bell/Locher)
27.  Answers…
28.  A Disciples’ Graduate Outclause (Bell/Locher) (Wilco Song)
29.  A Bridge to The End of the World (Bell/Locher/Oatman)
30.  Answers Pg. 1
* Not On Original EP Release


1.      A Flash of Light (Whistle Song, Intro) (Locher/Fisher)
2.      Of Parades and Processions (ALL 5 VERSES) (Locher/Bell)
3.      Actual Airplane (Do It On Your  Airplane) (Locher/Bell)
4.      Ballad of a U.S. Senator Pt. 1 (Bell)
5.      “Will You Run Away With Me Tomorrow” (Locher/Bell)
6.      “In School, parental rules abide…” (Locher/Bell)
7.      Actual Air (Locher)

8.      A Flash of Dark (Whistle Song Plus Lyrics) (Locher/Bell/Fisher)
9.      Firebed (Locher)
10.  Ghost Lands (Bell/Locher)
11.   Ballad of a U.S. Senator Pt.2 (Bell)
12.  Engaging Identities (We Skinned Our Knees) (Bell/Locher)
13.  Back Issues (Waddle Around) (Locher)
14.  Broadcast Fireworks Display (Locher/Bell)
15.  Corruptible Minds (Bell/Locher)


1.      Family Functions and The Phoebe Dwyer Infatuation (Bell/Locher)
2.      Era/Error (Locher)
3.      Hell On Echo Avenue (Bell/Locher) – Written
4.      Of Depression and Goth Girl Obsession (Bell/Locher) - Attempted
5.      A Dead Format (Bell/Locher)
6.      Against Students (Bell/Locher)
7.      Novelties (Bell/Locher)
8.      A Separate Peace of Shit (Bell/Locher) – Written (On Loose Grave)
9.      The Upstanding Sons and Daughters of East Heights Country Club (Locher/Bell) - Written (HOLIDAYS BREAK US OUTRO)
10.  The Greeting Card Massacre (Bell/Locher)
11.  The Formal Me For Any Occasion (Bell/Locher) – Written and Demoed somewhere in the dust)
12.  The Song Repeats (Bell/Locher)
13.  Modern Escapists and Their Poor Excuses for Pop Music (Bell/Locher)
14.  The Holes and the Walls That Support Them (Bell/Locher)
15.  The Annexation of the Living Room (Bell/Locher)
16.  Of Parades of Processions (Locher) - Written
17.  Fathers and Their Loyal Stepsons (Bell/Locher)
18.  A Rebel Without a Persuasion (Bell/Locher)


1.      The Red Scare

Technological Epidemic


1.      We All Get Situated
2.      Me and the Blue Birds (Low-Fi)
3.      Me and the Bumble Bees (Hi-Fi)
4.      Paris, France
5.      December's Chill (w/Chill)
6.      Loose Grave
7.      Birch and Linden
8.      Summer Reading
9.      The Scrantron Acid Test
10.  Midnight at the Vaughn Hotel
11.  Noon at Cherry Woods
12.  Dusk in your Basement
13.  A Mastered Degree of Thinking
14.  Pool Closed at 9:00 P.M.
15.  Birthmark
16.  Firebred
17.  Mints and Rubbers
18.  The Midnight Show 11/18/08
19.  The Aftermath 11/19/08
20.  Mansfield and March
21.  Fiber Optic Needle
22.  Eclipsed Space
23.  Doran's Porn*
24.  Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoover The III
25.  Our Step-Father's Brother-in-Law
26.  Pig Pop
27.  Double 40's and a Smile
28.  Withered and Weathered
29.  Static Sparks and Check Marks
30.  Fire on the Weather Charts
31.  Outro

*Excluded from Original Release

All songs written by Emmett Karson and Linus Mansfield
Except 11 and 12: Karson/Mansfield/Morgan
21: Karson/Mansfield/Showalter
And 24, 26: Karson/Mansfield/Reese
Lee Fisher (Vocals)Tracks 3, 7, 18, 23,
Tracks 7, 20, 23, 30 recorded by Dalton Applebee


1.      The Kids on Linden Street
2.      A Cluttering Husband
3.      House Rules
4.      A Sobering Son
5.      Blindsided By…
6.      Promotionally Yours

1.      White Wine
2.      Black Lung
3.      Green Scene
4.      Blue Rooms
5.      Brown Brands
6.      Red Meds
7.      Orange Clock
8.      Pink Jinx
9.      Teal Kills
10.   Gray Days

1.      In Processing
2.      Blowin’ in the Mind


  1. Mellow Blend Pt. 1
  2. Mellow Blend Pt. 2
  3. The Kids on Linden Street
  4. Black Lung
  5. Amongst Friends
  6. Miss March
  7. Blue Rooms
  8. House Rules
  9. Newly Dead (Version 1)
  10. Red Meds (Acoustic)
  11. Cluttering Husband
  12. A Formal Psychosis/Sell and Bait My Defeat
  13. Hanger On
  14. Unfortunately Never Worse (Christmas)
  15. White Wine
  16. A Healthy Gentleman (Where U End)
  17. Blue Rooms (Alt Version)
  18. Red Meds (Original Take)
  19. Orange Clock
  20. Promotionally Yours
  21. Brown Brands
  22. Dead Before We Met
  23. Pink Jinx
  24. Sobering Son
  25. Continuity Gap
  26. Teal Kills
  27. Blindsided By
  28. Gray Days

1. A Sound Remedy for Borders
2. Solid Gold Standards
3. Midnight Mass
4. Requiem Deficiency


1)      The Opposite of Blinking
2)      The Annexation of the Living Room
3)      Portraits of the Suburban Attention Span
4)      Any and All Odd Ends
5)      Stay Young and Numb
6)      Systems and Symptoms
7)      One-Sided Christian Questions: The Diaries of Casey Whipkey
8)      The Deflated Generation
9)      Modern Day Distractions (Novella) (Unreleased)


1)      Level Up and Level Out
-          The Start of Something
-          Somewhere Else
-          Level Out
-          Into the Pattern
-          The Dwelling
-          Clips of Dissonance
-          Dating Leila Bennett
-          Surveying Revelations (Short Story)

2)      By Tomorrow The Guestbook Will Be Full

-          10/29/85
-          Henry Vaughn’s Big Score
-          The East Heights’ Blackout of 1999 (Susan Peruso)
-          Groupies Redux
-          The Off-Season
-          Far Too Well for Far Too Long (Or the Obligations of American Holidays)
-          Smugness Like Black Thread
-          Brady Connel’s Big Night Out
-          Off the Weather Charts
-          An Eclipsed Space
-          Letter to Raymond
-          Letter to Jeannie
-          The View from Across Linden Street
-          The East Heights’ Blackout of 1999 (Evie Dobson)
-          Of Cheap Lays and Concessions –
-          While the Man Up The Street Builds a Bomb…
-          Almost Gone
-          Wine, Halos and Youth
-          Don’t Tread On Lee
-          Routine Camping Trip
-          The Rising Tension of Impending Houseguests
-          Letter to Mary
-          Letter to Ken
-          Some Things About Mary Lugar (Secondary Homes)
-          The East Heights’ Blackout of 1999 (Phoebe Dwyer)
-          Emmett and Casey
-          The Oddest of Ends
-          The Process of Unpacking Lightly
-          A Christmas Gift from L. Mansfield
-          The Death of a Former Easton High School Student
-          Static Drag
-          Losing Sensation
-          Letter to Emmett
-          Predictably Sour: Avoid the Hollow Cost
-          Shelf Life
-          The East Heights’ Blackout of 1999 (Debra James)
-          Heavy Hearts Breaking Bread
-          Sidney Sees the Sun
-          The Frequency of the Common Coma
-          Unleveled in This New Era
-          The Assassination of President Clarence Harrington by the Coward Ronna Huffman
-          A Clay in the Life
-          Day’s Like This
-          Excerpt from “False Furniture”
-          The Death of Emmett and Mary

Alternative Lyrics for Francine (Josephine)

I’m feeling eighteen, every time you look at me.

Stop now, we can’t quit.  It’s just like you to forget.

Everything, Josephine

You were inside my head.

Anything, Josephine

Inside my bed.

Lost meaning, Josephine

We can’t contend.

With the scene, Josephine.

This is the end

You found a new scene, another unexplainable dream

Stop no, we can’t quit.  It’s just like you to forget

Everything, Josephine

You were inside my head.

Anything, Josephine

Inside my bed.

Lost meaning, Josephine

We can’t contend.

With this dream, Josephine.

This is the end