Friday, November 30, 2007

School day

Male student: I really hate the Disney Channel, anymore.
Female student: (taken aback) What? How can you say that? I love, love it.
Male student: (deflated) It just doesn't do it for me anymore. I can't take all that pop that they added.
Female student: (perplexed) Pop? Pop, what? Pop corn?
She laughs at her joke.
Male student: (unamused) No. Pop. Flash. Stuff like 'Look at this! Love this'. Pop.
Female student: (confused) Okay, but I don't know how you can't like 'Hannah Montana'. She is great. I feel like she is my little sister sometimes.
Male student: (contemplatively) Yeah, I can watch that show. She's going to be hot.
Female student: (flirty) Jerk.
She hits him on the shoulder and he lets out a chuckle.
Male student: I just don't like the Disney Channel anymore. I wish they would show some old stuff, like 'Mickey Mouse Club', or something like that. You would like it, it had Britney Spears on it before she was Britney Spears.
Female student: (annoyed) Yeah, I know.
Male student: Or, they should show 'Kids Incorporated'. I loved that show.
Female student: What show?
Male student: 'Kids Incoporated'. (singing) K-I-DS!
Female student: I don't know it, but oh! I wish they would show 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' again! THAT was my favorite show!
Male student: (deadpan) That was Nickelodeon.
Enter Professor.
Professor: Okay, we left off last class starting to talk about the roles that Artistotle's models for ethics and morality play in the determining the psyche of a mob's mentality.


Emmy said...

your brain is good.

also, kids incorporated was a spectacular show.

Stephaney said...

This rules, especially what the professor says at the end. That's what makes the post.