Saturday, November 17, 2007

when i lay down to go to sleep i usually get an idea for something i would like to make. i'm too into trying to get to sleep though to get up and write it down. so i laid down to take a nap today and hoped i would remember until i woke up. i don't know how to use that "came" stuff that people use to make real stained glass stuff... so when i made that first one with the foil tape the weight of all the stuff started pulling it off the glass. i still have no idea how to use the came or where to get it so i decided to just get a coffee can and cut it into like 2 or 3 inch strips and put foil around the rough edges and then i could just pierce the coffee cup and hang the stuff like that. i couldn't go through that much coffee though. not fast enough. so i could make small ones out of vegetable cans...fruit cans whatever.
recycling, its very in these days.

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