Monday, November 19, 2007

brandonlocher: & all i do anymore is make work. and when i'm not making work i'll lay in bed in this half awake / half asleep state and listen to old releases to collect myself and make sure things are moving in the right direction.
brandonlocher: it's weird.
brandonlocher: i don't do anything else.
brandonlocher: it's very strange.
brandonlocher: i no longer do anything for enjoyment.
HIT THIS BEAT: yeah. I know how that feels.
brandonlocher: like this weekend i'm going on tour with endless mike & the beagle club + the naughty naughty nurses. and i'll enjoy myself, i mean. right? but i already have my project for this weekend already in line. i'm going to get house party vol. 2 done. right? it will be done. i feel like it's already done. it's so put together in my head and i know everything i'm going to do. it's so easy. i know who i'm going to tape, how it will sound, and how everything will be put together. the piece is already done. and i feel like i'm starting to see farther and farther into my future.
brandonlocher: last night i saw something happening to myself when i turn 55. i was watching everything and i couldn't move.
brandonlocher: i think i get my faced smashed in with a brick.
brandonlocher: it doesn't kill me.
brandonlocher: i'm not really sure what does.
brandonlocher: i feel i'm in the future. i feel disconnected from my body. i mean, right?
brandonlocher: i'm already in 2008.
HIT THIS BEAT: maybe you are.
brandonlocher: because i know everything that is going to happen in 2007. i mean, except for the projects that just "happen" -- but things are always just "happening." -- but everything is done. even the siamese dream record that aren't even written. it's strange. but i know how siamese dream 5, 6, 7, & 8 will be made. the sound college i'm making with dan oatman is done. we need a list of words. at the next 709 meeting i'll record everyone saying the words. then i'll sound college. the house party comp is done. my photography project called "throw" is done. turf wars with olivia is done. i just need to do it. everything is done. i'm moving so fast. i feel i'm moving faster than time.
brandonlocher: and i keep moving faster and faster.
brandonlocher: and i feel this progression will never stop.
brandonlocher: and i'll keep moving faster and faster.
brandonlocher: until i explode & never have to think again.
brandonlocher: i can't fucking wait to explode.

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