Monday, November 19, 2007

wearethesea5: i'm the most productive when i'm depressed which is strange but welcoming
brandonlocher: well yeah --
brandonlocher: i don't know if i'm depressed.
brandonlocher: i don't talk to anyone really. i don't want to be around friends. i'll do things. like i re-arranged my room. put together 10 albums in my head. then i take a nap. i'll sleep for 3 hours in this in between sleep / awake state. right? then i wake up with new ideas. like someone is making me do stuff.
brandonlocher: i just woke up & knew how to make my room.
brandonlocher: and it's brilliant.
brandonlocher: it's like a post-modern masterpiece.
brandonlocher: i'm serious.
brandonlocher: i might take pictures.
brandonlocher: but now i'm sleepy again.
brandonlocher: so i'll bullshit online for a little bit.
brandonlocher: then i'll fall asleep.
brandonlocher: but still be awake.
brandonlocher: and think about the craziest things ever.
brandonlocher: but never remember them.
brandonlocher: sometimes i have flash backs.
brandonlocher: and it all makes sense.
brandonlocher: like i'm doing this photography piece.
brandonlocher: & it's going to be a photography.
brandonlocher: i might do it tonight? i need to find a way down to 709 with this massive wooden mirror frame. i mean, i don't feel like calling someone. but it's done. i'm a step closer. it's like i'm not even inside my body anymore.
brandonlocher: right?
brandonlocher: it's like this is all ready done.
wearethesea5: :-)

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