Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sixth song is sounding pretty busy as it is. Lots of
melodies all come in at the same time. Which I like.
You can pick one and go with it. It might be too much
of an assault all at once though. Who cares? There's
a billion of us. On tour, something sounded thin, and
no farfisa wasn't the only problem. Did Cody's
accents change? Did mine? One of us is pinching the
changes off too quickly. Brandon K had a good thing
going. I've kinda started playing it when the singing
comes in cause it works better than mine. Definitely
want another electric guitar. John was originally
doing little trumpet blasts, which were awesome. We
talked about him and Dane doing that together. Kate's
harmonica part is great, but it's going to be too thin
on its own. Either have two or three other harmonicas
play with her (it's in C, so it's doable), or make the
horns sound out with it. Then, when it gets fast,
Dane should wail and John should move to fiddle. Also
wailing. The leads in the chorus need organized
better. Like, Cimba way more in focus the first time,
and K and I the second. That's all my fault.
Thinking about using a tremolo the first time through
and going up an octave the second. Also, other shaker
dudes should follow what B-man's doing. I need a
better "solo" in the fast part. It's only coming out
right once in a while. But, if Dane and John are
going to have leads, then I probably don't have to
worry about doing much more than the chords. No leads
in the very last part but Cubby's, though. Everyone
needs to go back to Em E Am. Maybe we'll all pick a
note in the chord to accent? I've always wanted to do
that. Somebody's got make the G A flat A thing stand
out more. NOT IT!

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