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Variations in Symmetry by Brandon Locher is featured in [^]LAND.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

12/20 at VOMA

Tuesday, December 20th
307 Chestnut Street, Johnstown, PA 15906☟
7:00 PM // $4.00
BYOB if you are 21+

Roberto Clemente Rookie Card and My Idea of Fun Present:

Casino Gardens (Ohio)

World Series (Ohio)

The One and Only Matt Miller (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)

NYKDLN (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)

AL GRATIN (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)

+ live sound and visual installations
+ an extensive catalog of physical merchandise will be available
+ this show will be have a live online video stream


Sunday, December 18, 2011

How the Cordless Phone Gained Independence through Hard Work & Determination

The onion tells a sad, sad story--

A man walks into a bar,
orders a cup overflowing

with his own medicine.
Whose job is it to sever

the rabbit's foot? he asks.
The butcher, as innocent

as a sweater. Scissors
remind him of his ex-girlfriend.

In the corner booth
the Freudian analyzes

his patient's inner thighs,
frustrated as the tack--

People are introduced
to themselves in dimmer light

thinks the man, approaching
a woman as she exits the bathroom,

a slight cup of water,
(the name of the paler sister)

her dimpled thighs carefully spackled.

When she prays, the windows
get foggy. Wait, wait--

I know this one!
They looked at each other

& laughed--they'd both
cut off the tip of their tongue.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Hit and Miss Engines - With or Without You (Live)

Get Off The Coast writes about Technological Epidemic!

Read + listen at:

Today's Activity: Giving the Clouds Hebrew Names

The priest gave me a towel
to sit on so I wouldn't
burn the pew. If I plug

myself into the wall, I told him,
this whole place will come down
in flickering ashes. I confessed

to digging without purpose,
lifting with my lower back.
My punishment: the uncertainty

of a light switch, the haze
of the underside of the bed.

Fifty more days of winter.

I didn't even tell him
about the thirst for broken

bottles, the constant alarm.
I rub my forehead against the carpet
for forgiveness, resolve to put
the thermostat to rest, to keep cool

like the shell of a cockroach.
If you ask me, the priest
is just afraid of commitment.

Monday, December 12, 2011

NYKDLN - Troglodytes aedon, Here I Am and Others

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Friday, December 9, 2011

How We All Just Get Along

The waitress puts a rusty nail
in your roast beef sandwich
& you decided to eat around it.
From all over town, people misdail

your phone number looking for Brad,
the listener, as advertised on page six.
Now the cat answers to your name

instead of her own. Your husband watches
hockey all day, so you buy another
television for the living room.
Your daughter gets sick trying

to watch them at the same time.
The pipe's uncontrollable sobbing,

the power strip's panic attack--

then, the house you build next
door. In your first life, you were
a pillar of salt. Open the cupboard
doors. There's something dying in there.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Higher Fives.

Wake Me When It's Over

An old woman peers into the crack
in her paved driveway
and finds exactly what she was looking for.

My Idea of Fun printing press!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gucci Goth

Mazes to the Motherlode by Brandon Locher is featured today on Gucci Goth!

At the End of the World Party

They were checking gag reflexes
at the door. Marian wasn't allowed in
after her eyes started to water.
The bar serving free cocktails,
my mouth turning blue, my teeth heavy
and ready to call bullshit.
That familiar battle between
my ears: Tell someone you've left
the bathwater running, how flammable
are you on a scale of one to ten?
I tried to look at both sides
of the room at the same time
but my left eye refused to wander.
I was the sharp-edged trumpet
in a room full of chairs
teaching each other how to sit.
A loud song that should have
made everyone dance--instead,
the mumble of weather-talk, lazy
attempt at predicting the future.

Then, hot breath on the side
of my face: What happens to your heart
when the bass kicks in and how do we know

Monday, December 5, 2011

Whitest House

The connection between
disparate thoughts
the public speaker said,
then left the room--

bees strung by
needle and thread.
Zeus could not contain

his anxiety. He was
drinking tea made
from the jawbones of calves.

The result of endless
suffering, the prostitute

whispered to my grandmother.
It is the nature of men,
compressed as icicles.

Outside, a group of
schoolboys has three wishes:

Urine on the front lawn. Our
president has perfect eyesight.
A girl in a pink unitard
climbs out the window.

So many choices for god and man!
The "g" on every keyboard removed.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Good Amount!

Opening Eye is coming out on December 13th on Crash Symbols and is Good Amount's debut release as part of the My Idea of Fun collective!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Something Like a Small Miracle

The boys in the back alley
are playing baseball
but they're not keeping score
so no one wins and there's no ball

and no home plate and they're just standing
in their uncomfortable shoes. Had they

been born with sharp teeth,
they would have blunted them
but now like a thumb. Of course
they'd rather slip down the drain

pipe and curse and scream until
the sewage backs up and baptizes itself.
Before the streetlights turn on

they've decided to think about something flat
or a rock sinking in a shallow pool
but instead they're kissing,
swallowing each other's sparks.

How to Draw the Saint

First, wait for the divine image.
This may come as someone's

body odor or a sudden leaning
at the forehead. If that doesn't work,

put salt on your tongue and count
the seconds till it dissolves.
Then try various perspectives

and qualities of light.
Immediately following, hold

a dry cloth in your mouth--
the prophet particularly detested

saliva in excess. When you being
to lose feeling at the back of your knees
like Job you'll understand finally

the sweat on her cheek when even
the saint confesses her raucous prayers.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Idea of Fun at Voma Johnstown!

David is a grave.


David is a grave.

Not my back,

Another Tragedy at the Salon

The chatty hairdresser
accidentally mentions
God. Her co-workers

being to weep. A gust from the air
conditioner picks up hair from the floor.

The elderly woman's scalp
starts to burn. A crowd

gathers in front of the door.
The hairdresser looks
in the mirror & sees her eyes

stuck with scissors.
She takes her own hair
into her hands in sections

& snip, snip.