Monday, November 26, 2007

School day

Heard the word "broceph" used by 3 different people 4 separate times.

Smug fuck, glum fuck hipster-professor had example sentences referencing Big Star and the Velvet Underground and also obscure journalist Stephen Glass, and got upset when no one responded after he asked how many of us had see Broken Glass, the movie based on his life.

No reply on the bathroom graffiti, I don't know whether to take this as a sign of victory, or going to far.

A girl tripped over the top step in the science building and she fell down, books flying everywhere. No one stopped, including me.

The black student who got offended at the use of the word "nigger" wasn't in class today. I don't know if she has been since the incident, because it was my first time being in class since it happened.

Counted 24 students wearing replica Steelers jerseys.

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Stephaney said...

I wish I knew who wrote this. I love it.