Friday, November 30, 2007

we were in this car gang. not a mean one. just a group that raced cars for money. kevin costner was like the dad of the group. he taught us all he knew. some of my friends were there too. this really big, really great guy named murph, russo, heidi from the beagle club, and some others that i'm not sure of.
so we raced these skinheads won and then they invited us back to their groups house.
they were nice enough. included us in their rituals like whipping lightly in the face. thats was nice. i remember it hurting though. all was well when all the guys from both groups decided to go to the fare that was in town. while away i and the other girls started cleaning a little. i went to throw something away when i saw a 50 dollar bill in the trash that i knew heidi was looking for. when i picked it up i noticed there was more money in a small zip lock bag and more under that. i realized it was all of our money. they didnt believe in taking it, but they did want to be rude. so they threw it away. so the girls got the money and walked to the fare. russo and murph were walking together. i came to russo with the problem and he wouldn't let me talk into his ear because he though i was going to mess with him. murph was a little leery too, but finally he came in and let me talk. i told him that the skinheads had taken our moeny and i found it all in the trash. now you have to see murph for this to be a little funny, hes this really tall built guy with the most gorgeous blue eyes i have ever seen...anyway, i tell him and he starts to tear up. saying," they took my money?" while trying to chock back the tears. he climbs into this red wood wagon, balls into the fetal position and just quietly cries hugging his knees.
we get back to the house and wait for kevin costner to get back from the fair so we can all leave. i fell asleep waiting.

when i woke up "the murph" was gone. it must have been a dream.

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Emmy said...

what a great story