Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i want to do shit

i get ideas for things i want to do, but sometimes i don't do them because i think people will think i am just copying them. i don;t know if it makes sense now that i type it out. i get so nervous sometimes it cripples me. i want to do stuff like go on a real long bike ride. across the country even. i would really like to get another tattoo. i want to do stuff like that before i find out i have some terrible disease. i think its lame that it takes cancer to make people want to live. i want to quit my job and make stuff all day. " move to johnstown". i know he would just say its irresponsible though. i think theres a difference in people that want to be irresponsible for the sake of doing something they love...and people that don't know they're irresponsible.. they go out and get dui's and live with their parents until they're 27 or so. theres a difference. i have listened to the main menu song of elmo's world about 20 times. i hate it. i'm really into stealing from walmart these days. about a $300.00 a week habit, i think its acceptable. i was thinking about donating all the yarn i steal to that knit locally charity thing. it would help me out karma wise i think... in my head. like robin hood. robin hood was my favorite disney movie when i was little. i still like the songs a lot. "but not in knottingham" that ones my favorite. elmo is still going.
i decided i'm going to get a tattoo and he said it was ok. the seraphim angel on he cover of that toadies cd. i like it a lot. ill get it on my side. he said he would even go with me. i told him i dont want to wait until i find out i have cancer...cause like i said thats lame. so i'll get it....and see if anyone wants to go for a bike ride.

note- buy a bike.


My Idea of Fun said...

I wish you were here to ride bikes with...

My Idea of Fun said...

Kick the Wal-Mart theft habit! It only reinforces WM and their shitty products as the norm!