Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To Do List

This is a to do list. Things I'd like to do. This is about ideas, right? Not just finished projects. So ideas, yes, my ideas

-I was thinking about making clothing and jewerly. Heather Feather Designs. How adoreable is that name!? This summer I was all about making feather hair clips like the one the chick in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" wears. My hair wasn't long enough to wear one before, but it might be now. Anyways, I guess I want to make a lot of jewerly using feathers. I think they are so pretty. Plus, that really fits the name. Annnnd I really want to make shirts with molecular structures on them. I really hate organic chemistry but I really like the way they look. I think I'd really like to turn that big ugly courdoroy shirt that makes me look like a butch into a dress of some sort. I don't know if I'm girly enough to make all these things.

-A My Idea of Fun Food Book. I want to hear about food traditions, party food, food made when people had no money, date meals, cooking failures, comfort foods, family recipes, and generally anything about food. Not REALLY a cookbook, but sort of one. I want it to be more personal... I mean, we ARE what we eat. Food says sooooo much about who we are. I really hope Kelly writes all about the 12 foods her family makes on Christmas. It's some Polish Tradition. I really hope someone sends me a recipe for pot brownies, too. Ben said he'd write about his former Cheezit obsession. That's fucking perfect! I think I'll write about Byzantine Catholic Easter baskets and some culinary school mishaps. Other stuff too. I'll have to contact Rose about her gobs. Apparently they are legendary and they would fit in SOOO well! Hopefully she doesn't keep the recipe secret. I also hope that I don't get flooded with vegan recipes. That isn't what this is about. Hopefully people include lots of pictures, and not just of food. Hopefully dudes will contribute just as much as the girls will. I need to put more thought into this.

-I want to document the 6 years my parents were married without children. They took a lot of fucking brillant pictures. I'm not sure if document is the right word.

-Bedroom pictures. I want my closest friends to get all the shit that matters to them in their bedrooms, pictures of family/friends/cats, awards, trickets, lamps... just anything that says something about them. I guess they would be called portraits. Then, sometime down the line, say maybe 5, 10, 15, I want to track them down and take the same type of picture and see how it's changed. I'd contact them all at different years, though. That's gonna be quite the long term project.

-Shelving Unit. Our kitchen is really depressing and disorganized. I'm gonna try to change that. Kelly wants to help. I wonder if we'll be any good at this.

-Lounge songs written by Dane, performed by me. I'll have to ask him again if he wants to do that. If so, I'll have to ask him to remember that my voice is lower than his.


Emmy said...

so many good ideas! i would love to wear feathers in my hair. that one thing you made for said you made one for me and one for you and the feathers were the colors of our was so fucking awesome. anyway...i want more feather stuff. it is certainly swell.
food book. i think you know i could talk about food, yeah.
make the dress, make the dress!!! i'll be bringing back that snowing (sewing) machine with me so you can come over and i can help you fit it and you can sew it!
what else....the pictures of things.
all i care about is my cat
and a few pairs of shoes.
love you.
talk to you soon.
you're so fucking smart.

Emmy said...

also...about the food book.
one time i was at laura and ian's house (i was a veg at the time) and i was making a list of things to make, walking around their kitchen, being inspired and all...and i accidentally left the list there and got a call from ryan making fun of me for writing:
"-try to like more nuts"
okay that's it.

Stephaney said...

These ideas are all brilliant. Please, please, do the food book. I'll help, if you need any, because I have been wanting to make a johnstown cookbook for some time.
My recipe and story would probably be about blueberry shortcakes,
and the fact that since five of us live in my college kid apartment, we have roughly eleven varieties of pasta in our cupboard at any time.

Adrienne said...

so Heather... when is the earliest date in which you can marry me?