Sunday, November 25, 2007

History 195 Assignment

I've spent the past hour meticulously looking through ads in an issue of TIME from 1954. All these mother fuckers are so goddamn smug. It's all smiles and families and progression and modern and leading and futuristic and a man's responsibility and exclusive and simplified. I want to vomit. Was life really this way? Everyone was under the impression that things were getting better, correct? They really believed that. What assholes.
I have to compare a TIME from the 50s to one from 2007. I'm focusing on ads because I can't be bothered to read actual articles. I'm pleased to report that the first five advertisments in the 2007 issue are for prescription drugs. One of them can cause "suicidal ideations." Nice. The sleeping pills do that. Apparently you'll wear yourself out trying to think of ways to kill yourself. The next few ads are about heart disease and diabetes. Oh wait fuck, they are about prescription drugs again. Here's one about a hospital. Here's one about poor people and here's one about the way we are fucking the planet and ourselves. Ovarian Cancer, Overactive bladders, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Low Food Security, Energy Dependancy, and Mucus. "Together we can prevail." You really think?
Yeah fucking right.

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