Monday, November 12, 2007

Fifth song actually needs a lot more than I thought.
It's a simple song, so we shouldn't go apeshit on it,
but random sounds coming and going will help the
repetition mean more. mean more. mean more. Plus
the song will then seem even shorter, which will rule.
Like the quickest parade you've ever seen. I was
wrong to say Cubby shouldn't play electric, too.
Maybe after the second chorus, come in with a lead,
lower on the neck. Simple and catchy - Cubby Style.
The first lead has already happened, so it's not like
layering something on top of it will matter. Then
kick out the chords in the end. Maybe John will play
a lead from there if we ask him nicely. I'd keep the
acoustic instruments to a minimum, to emphasis Mike on
electric, but the bells might make sense. Someone
said Josh was working on a part there anyway.
Onmichord if the bells aren't going to be audible?
Mike'll never go for it. I Love Cimba's part when
it's mixed right. Also, let's really work out the
shakers, too. And two And on yellow shakers, big ugly
African shaker on snare? I'm sick of being afraid of
that thing. Then keep 'em coming as the song picks
up. Ben's chorus is perfect, and other folks can just
play his part, too. More vocals in last part, too?
That's way too many ideas, I'm now realizing! Let's
try 'em all and see what sticks...

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