Wednesday, November 28, 2007

this is going to be a song someday

well i could walk and walk the walk
until i've finally lost my way.
or i could talk and talk the talk
until i don't mean what i say.
but there has to be a middle ground
somewhere in the streets of this town
still asleep in the valley.
it doesn't even notice me.

i have absolved the sins of the world
so many times from my front porch.
but i always forget what they were
by the time i go back indoors.
laci says that i'm too forgiving
and i must be because i'm always forgetting
to even take her advice.
i've forgiven myself for that so many times.

but amanda used to be my best friend.
now she'll probably never speak to me again
and i think i'm okay with that.
i never thought it would be like that.
it doesn't even hurt that bad.
i never thought i would be like that.
but if i am,

is that going to bring me home in one piece or in a body bag?
or will they send my coffin back wrapped in a clean, white flag?

as the suits tell the hit parade,
"leave your cameras at the door.
we don't want the kids at home
to get the wrong idea about war."
then they lay me in the middle of the ground
somewhere right outside of this town
still asleep in the valley.
it doesn't even notice me.
i guess we'll have to wait and see
just how forgiving i can really be.


Ropheka said...

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My Idea of Fun said...

Big inta the part about the white flag on the coffin. Like what ya did thar.

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