Friday, November 2, 2007


cody reads a magazine article all about the air
it says that each breath that has ever been taken has always been there.
so from the last breath of julius caesar to the air that carried "i have a dream..."
it's all inside of your lungs every time that you breathe.

so ask the boys if that's real in richmond, brett.
can you hear me in new hampshire, kathleen?
those creaky floorboards down in florida, anjenet,
that was only me. that was only me.

student says, "no matter how many bells ring, angels don't exist."
and the world says, "maybe if we keep breaking hands, they'll quit making fists."
through the pollution and fog, it's hard to even know where to begin.
but if you keep breathing out, then i promise to keep breathing in.

i know they battle that in brattleboro, pat.
i draw it in from brooklyn from brook and drew
i guess it's not just you and me, after all, matt
even though that might feel true. even though that might feel true.

laura, the last two years you spent in north carolina
closing the achievement gap, teaching for america,
i swear that i could feel you breathe beside me every night,
and now i'm absolutely sure i was right.

i pull in a black cloud from a smokestack from somewhere in ohio,
from a factory that's only function insofar as i know
is burning amputated body parts from hospitals from all fifty states.
so it'll take an arm and a leg to get a piece of me out of PA.
(that's what i want to say.)

are you feeling it in philly, triple n?
rob and jim, there's more to baltimore.
and i'll keep holding my breath for my friends,
but who are you breathing for? who are you breathing for?
what are you breathing for? what are you breathing for?


Emmy said...

not sure, honestly. kind of blurry all of a sudden.

My Idea of Fun said...

Verses/stanzas 3 and 6 correspond awesomely. 6 is puzzling. But in an intriguing way.

Ben said...

this might be my new favorite. oh my god.

Ben said...

also, i didn't know i had a blogger account. also, and most importantly, this was posted at 1:38.

My Idea of Fun said...

thanks. stanza six is a real place. the factory, i mean. isn't that fucked up?