Monday, November 3, 2008

Untitled #5

The reliablity of strangers at the dining room table
They used to come bearing gifts
Drunken smirks
Opinions on policy

It was mostly all the same that year
Their questions were distorted
Instead of "How's school?"
It was "How are you feeling?"

Parts of me wanted to scream the truth
Loud enough for the porcelain angel on top of the tree to hear
Then the commermorative alarms sound at odd intervals
It's that time again

Time to gulp
And sing along
And listen in
And make amends

Progress is the most important part
We need to show improvement
To evolve completely by next year

I'm returning to the desks
With a brand new haircut
And outlook
Hoping all our same old hiding places are still there
To help with the crashing silence of multicolored bulbs
On the merlot-stained living room carpet

- C.W.


My Idea of Fun said...

4. real. these are really fucking good.

My Idea of Fun said...

gulp is such a weird word!

i really like this shit. fucking christmas time! you kill me!