Monday, November 10, 2008

Untitled #11

Another spare bedroom
Re-worked to better suit the status quo
Ground rules set, pinned to the wall
Next to the complimentary church calendar
Marked specifically with my arrival date

I meticulously poke holes in the system
Before we re-meet each other
Our heads,
Better and worse
And full of more bumblebees

Then she calls you with plans
And our soft and groggy introduction
Is a nail,
Driven deeply into my already dormant body

It becomes all the more uneven in the hallways
I pass new stares without flinching
He is sympathetic, charming and advertised as unavailable
So I drift again and wait for him to interrupt
Like family should
Even if it is through a business union

It takes longer than I expected
I have to paint my face
And cheer on the hometeam
Before finally the negative pulls me under the bleachers

I bite my tongue and patiently wait
The living rooms will eventually run together
Like our cleaned plates,
Resting in the overflowing kitchen sink
Leftover from Sunday brunch

- C.W.

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