Thursday, November 27, 2008

Untitled #28

Promises of a better tomorrow
Continue to resonate in the back of our heads
As I pack my bags and return
To the purity of our creaky front porch

We all act normal with each other for awhile
Ignoring our true feelings
So as to better serve his ultimate cause

I’m not exactly sure
How I’m going to handle
The incoming and outgoing bodies
As they switch their heads back on
And calmly repeat the white lines
From the crop of printed bumper stickers

It won’t be long
Before every positive mumble
Sounds the same
And I’m sick and tired of taking what’s available
For the pain

Then it starts to rain more often
And I get used to the idea of absolute zero

I’m breathing blue
Because its impossible not to
Smiling yellow
Because sometimes I think it’s possible
That faking it has a larger effect

They let me be
For as long as all of us know it’s humanely possible
And then it crashes down around us
Exactly like it did four years earlier
Except I’m not certain I’ll be able to handle
This new
Technologically advanced

Something tells me its going to sting me harder
Than all the others
Preparing to wait in the line

- C.W.

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