Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my plan

I get so nervous it's almost paralyzing. I try to plan everything out so that I can think it through and not psyc myself out, but the minute I see you I can't move and I just agree with everything you say.

I kept telling my left hand to move down and wrap around your right ankle while we were huddled together, but I couldn't make it move for the life of me.

I have a plan, even if it is just a hand hold or a peck on the cheek, for this weekend. As small as it will be, just don't let me not do it.


My Idea of Fun said...

I feel the same way when I'm around you heart hums, it beats so fast. I think we can pull off more than a kiss on the cheek this weekend ;-)

*Can't wait to kiss you agian*

My Idea of Fun said...


My Idea of Fun said...

i am confused.

My Idea of Fun said...

Please stop. It's not funny anymore.

My Idea of Fun said...