Thursday, November 20, 2008

Untitled #21

Further separation occurs from both sides
I attempt to bounce back and forth between them
With mixed results

It's then another media storm

By that time,
The indulgent figures are already knee-deep
In snowballing bile

They make suggestions about what programs
I should be looking into
The imitator starts to soak it up
Like his predecessors

(Who I'm now dubbing as a perfected weekend fling)
Flirts and gets high with the other side

I start to think about our first encounter again
My only moderately unlevel head
Overcompensating for his lack of motion
And dry mouthed mumbles

We dance one final time
Before he's gone for the internship
Mentored by the corrupt

I fall back on the pale, sensible one
Not sure if he loves me
But okay with the idea
Of fucking him out of loneliness

Dad then invites me overseas for the upcoming weeks
My unstable body jumping at the chance
Figuring all the distant wanderers
Will be impatiently awaiting my return to the secondary home
If for no other reason then because I've infected them
With such mediocre promises of boredom

- C.W.

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