Friday, November 7, 2008


Turning on the Christmas lights and getting a “hell yeah.” I thought of how I’ve always felt like the crazies on the block…on any block…just when you think you’re getting too conventional.
That dude driving by and yelling”CHRISTMAS IS OVER.”
HEADPHONES that soundwaves cancel out eachother so it’s totally quiet. The doldrums. All of this happened in a period of two hours. Connections. “They were the coolest in Elementary. I had a pair. They were so big!” He said all of this laughing, not even trying to hide how much he loves to remember things. “Did you know that they make these headphones now, that read the sound wave coming from outside of the headphones, and then sends that sound wave into your ears at the same frequency, so the sound is canceled out and the space between your ears and the headphones is seemingly silent.
Walking out onto the front porch. The wind was blowing the leaves around. On the light red clay bricks. There was this little seat, made out of bricks…a perfect cube, just built into the corner of the stairwell. Leaves would always get stuck there…but not this day…the wind was blowing them out and around and I was so excited that I jumped off the porch and ran to the trees who once told me I could change things if I wanted to. In the front yard. The tall trees all in a circle. I never knew if it was by accident: the circle…if the trees were planted, or if they were once a forest…and if there were once a forest, did someone cut a bunch of trees around them, or did all the rest die, only leaving the circle?
“We could make a map.” His grin was too large and I wondered how long it took him to dig out all the places he dug out inside of himself. Something, it might have been his kindness, was passing slowly out of his teeth, like fresh, new air, that altogether changes an atmosphere, and I could only look for two seconds. I hid my helpless smile with a cup of beer.

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