Monday, November 24, 2008

Untitled #25

The invitation is double-clicked
As I think about whom I should lie to first
The complexities of dodging the dining room table
Entangle my arms
Even though the three of us barely to speak to one another

I wonder if they blame me for occupying the chipped oak chairs
Without much concern for their history
They don’t ask as many questions anymore, though
A centered concept
That I take full advantage of

I lose my head from their supposed maturity
And slowly dissolve once the time is right
He’s excellent with space
Despite the clutter
Posters of significant colors
Tacked to the ceiling
For eyes like mine
To get lost in

I ignore calls from the other side
Smiling and nodding my head
Agreeing with his bullshit
And feeling proud of myself
For being able to tell the difference

He moves fast for a doctor
While still making sure everything’s okay
I enjoy our talk afterwards
More so than the act itself

He hints at what’s supposedly building in the background
And I laugh out loud
Having no idea what he’s talking about
It doesn’t seem logical for news to spread so slow
In such small towns

- C.W.

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