Friday, November 14, 2008

Static out of tune humming of the radio
Barren trees flying by
Lines blur
Headlights illuminating the way

Inertia has taken hold of me
Pulled this way and that
Gravity holds us here
When otherwise we might
Float up and away

Cars cruise by
Faces pressed against the window
Too many on their cell phones
Radio waves buzzing through the air
Children sleep
Mouths gaped open
Clinging to their favorite toy

Large trucks speed by
18 wheels
Too much cargo
They sleep in those trucks
The drivers
Spend days, weeks
Driving to fulfill our need
Not their own

We are all on the road to somewhere
Whether alone
Or in company
Laughing and singing
Or alone and thinking
We have a destination
Some place that warrants our time
Someone we cannot wait to see
A familiar home

It's been two hours in this back seat
Legs cramped
Restless hands

The lies are just flying by
And we anticipate arrival

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