Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Untitled #26

I confess my sins quickly
Patiently hoping it will set us both off
In a forward motion

He doesn’t seem in the least bit surprised
Pretending like I’m his alcoholic muse;
The new batch of transitions making my skin crawl

I medicate for clarity
Tremendously tired with the world

I hear talk of more therapy
Intensified shocks that will make me a happy flower

I study overtime to make sure I’m contributing
And avoid all their indications of change

I threaten father in the banquet hall
The tables cleaned of the fine China
He doesn’t seem to care
I’m just supposed to stay out of his way
Smile when it feels necessary
And plot my escape

I finally see the light
Once the traveling circus
Takes off out of the station
He says I’m different
And I refrain from any kind of argument
Or shallow way to place the blame
On his lack of an effort

We both know what’s coming now
Our subtle hints like bee stings
Allegoric reactions to help persuade a necessary evil
I’m all ears
My radar,
But full of green dots

My extended stay will soon be over

- C.W.

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