Monday, November 17, 2008

Untitled #18

We do our shopping together
Curbing opinions so as to better prove a singular point
We are suited for each other

In that sense
It's not too different from the prescriptions,
I cringe
And swallow
Before impatiently waiting for the after-effects

However, following another shift
My eyes become white from the multicolored lights
Wearing the new brown corduroy jacket
Mother thinks is a nice gesture

I stand on the stage
Bundled next to my sister's new breasts
And what appears to be a duplicate male example
Of Dad

Matching suit,
Similarities in gestures,
His career at its beginning
The same optimistic twinkle in his head
Rotating around the rotting foundation

I hear their hushed orgasms
While trying to sleep
Back in my original womb

It's even more uncomfortable this time
My hands systematically flipping the pillows
Over and over again
To both sides
Just to see if it's ever going to feel any different

The concept of open arms is so commercialized
Especially around the holidays

- C.W.

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