Thursday, November 27, 2008


i had a dream i was drunk
i was drunk in the dream
i was drunk when i went to sleep
i had a dream i was walking in short steps
over green grass on a hill
a slope that was curved like a body curves
the blades were sticking up and bent in the wind
there was a rocket set to go off into space
everyone was waiting for it
and i was drunk walking across the hill
i tripped because you put out your leg
you tripped me and you didn't have sleeves
you said to watch it with you the rocket going off
and so i did

we just laid there on that green hill
i was drunk in my dream
you told me that you loved that i was walking by
i told you i loved that you tripped me
there wasn't anyone else after that
we kept kind of rolling kind of laughing kind of spitting
the ground shook because it was taking off
the green trembled and it made our skin stand up
burst of fuel smell of heat we were close to each other
and i told you that there was someone close to me keeping me from you
and you told me that there was someone close to you keeping you from me
but in the orange explosion we both said we'd breach that

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My Idea of Fun said...

this is really. really. really. good.