Monday, October 13, 2008

whatever. right?

So, sometimes it's really easy to just look around and get really excited about whatever you see. That's the case here. I don't really have anything to say, but I'm going to say something anyway, because I'm excited about it and I want to be a part of things, too.

I was always under the impression that that's what this "site" was all about: adding small things to a larger pool - becoming a collective work. The anonymous posts of what could be seen as one really fucked up person, when this is read as a whole. So that's why there are splinters of things. That's why there are little rambles. That's why there are posts that are clearly being made up as they are typed. That's why there are photos and inside jokes and clever/lame/whatever one-liners and lyrics and this and certainly, that. And that's why there are really fleshed-out works of literature. But as a whole, imagine someone just stumbling upon this site and not knowing it's a bunch of posters, but rather that it is just one person posting everything. That's the point of this, right? That's the excitement, right? Being a part of one big thing, one un-nameable thing.

At least that's what I always thought.

Whatever, right?