Wednesday, October 22, 2008

# 7

- A lightbulb went out today. That makes it number three. Two more to go. Soon, the only light I'll have is from the computer or the television.

- I left class early today so I could spend more time alone. I will have to leave soon, I have a mandatory meeting.

- Your apartment isn't much different from Pink's hotel in "The Wall", just less obvious.

- During the first half of class, I wrote down pictures I wish I had taken and the titles I would have given them:
"Uniform" Boy Scout Camp Seph Mack, July 23, 2005
"New Years" Winebiddle St., December 31, 2007 11:52 pm
"Self Portait" Big Run, 1991
"Announcement" Pantall Hotel, November 1998

- You didn't talk a lot this weekend. Conversations were forced. You're letting yourself watch too much television and buying too much pre-made food. You haven't read in a week and haven't written for even longer. This is the most you've done in the past two days. Or at the very least it's the least mechanical thing you've done in two days.

- I think I'll buy a gallon of milk now.


My Idea of Fun said...

i pretty much love this.

- E.T.

My Idea of Fun said...

thanks for coming to my party.