Thursday, October 2, 2008

it's so cold in my room. i can't shut the window, though. it doesn't shut. it's too old. thanks for everything you gave me tonight: your acceptance and your energy. it was well wasted on me. i loved it. you are so much more than your mind makes real. you know it's all a sham, right? haha, you're funny. life's funny. you're too serious. it's all, every part of everything is too labeled and compartmentalized. but we know, don't we? we know, right? push it off, push it all aside. we're still just us. kids with dirty knees and gum in our hair from unforseen naps infront of the glaring mario bros. 2 screen. raggedy andy and a huge stuffed gorilla, our friends for life. too many pieces of your life. carry them or get rid of them but please, realize the weight.

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