Wednesday, October 22, 2008

watching wind

His room was in the attic. I walked slowly up the small stairs, the ceiling getting lower as I went upwards.
"Come in."
He was sleepy. I lay down next to him and we watched the great green pine sway from an open window. The wind was strong, and cold and his chest felt warm with my hand placed over it, palm open. His skin was smooth. Very little hair, I wanted to kiss the concave. I pressed my smile into the pillow instead. It smelled like mixed nuts, like his morning saliva.
"I'm going to take off my pants." He giggled a little bit.
"Okay." I was wearing a dress with a slip underneath. I thought about taking off the dress, but memories of bad massages with only a slip between his hands and my hips stopped me.
We watched the pine and the dark sky and breathed loudly, together. We were so warm under there, under the blanket his ex girlfriend gave him for his birthday. It had bears and trees and totem poles on it.
He made me laugh quietly all night. Our sides touched and we snuggled our faces into pillows, seperate.

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