Friday, October 31, 2008


- Dreamt that I watched teenagers being murdered outside my window. My only thoughts? "Better them than me."

- Winter seems to be coming early. While walking home, I tried to formulate a winter survival list. No. 1: A reliable fuck. I didn't get any farther than that. My mind wandered.

- You aren't consistent.

- Fuck. I have to leave my house.

- I'd like the direction to get darker. Less voice. Don't want to rely on feminine qualities.

- I feel sick. My window's optimism sickens me. My most natural state of mind is disgust. Is this just a bad day? Hard to determine what's a clear mind and what isn't.

- You have to leave the house.

- I think I should go to bed, but I most likely won't be able to fall asleep. I'll watch some tv.

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