Thursday, October 23, 2008

two drunk drivers don't make a right

It started like any other girls night out. We went to a passions party, had a glass of wine and a "sex on the beach", but had fun.

We're walking out and Carrie says to me, "Tony", her husband,"said he wants to have a 'sex party' because we're married and are going to have to have sex with only each other for the rest of our lives." I laughed because I didn't know what to say. I didn't know if she thought it was rediculous or if she was just feeling me out. I wouldn't be completely against maybe making out with Tony.

Carrie and I go to our homes and check on everyone then I go pick her up for OUR night. We know this guy called hawk that works the dowstairs door for The Crown. Hawk let us in for free, we watched people dance, I had three beers and she had 2 beers and a jager bomb. She reminded me to get my debit card from the bar and we left.

We decided to go to Two Bar/Bowl and I drove. I was on the boarder of not being able to drive, but she said, "I trust you", so I went with it. We got to Two Bar and put in our paper claiming "paradise by the dashboard lights" as our song. We ran to the bathroom and when we came out I asked her if she would use her boobs to get me a cigarette. She did, but when the boy turned around Carrie and I looked at each other and took a deep breath in. If only Ryan were there! It was "Tesla"! He used to go to karaoke all the time, but we hadn 't seen him in so long. Carrie, the gays, and myself used to come in to watch him sing. He had a nice voice, danced funny, but cute, wore a tesla shirt, and was cute... So he gives me a cigarette and wont stop talking to us. I had 2 or 3 more beers with carrie and "tesla". Tesla wants to buy us one so he asks Carrie what she likes to drink. She says she only drinks jagerbombs, haha. So rack 'em up. We each put one down. Tesla gets called up front to do "purple rain" I liked him even more. The three of us had one more beer and then headed out. Tesla and I walked with his arm on my shoulder and my arm around his hip. There was something about even his zip up hoodie, unzipped flapping around, as we walked faster and faster to my car that made me feel so comfortable like I was home holding a large stuffed animal. I loved ever second of it. I was 17 again. We round the corner of my car and I look back to see where Carrie is and only for a second wonder why she was so far behind. He pushed me, only a little to get me off balance, against the car and kissed me. I'm getting that butterfly feeling in my chest and stomach just thinking about it. carrie rounded the corner and saw us, and I wish i could say the ring on my left hand did something to make itself known, but it didnt. So "Tesla" who has now told me his name is Josh opens the door to get in. Carrie laughed and said something about having to squeeze between the child safty seats. Josh said he, "didn't mind". We got to the other bar and they had already done last call. We loaded back up and I got Josh to where he wanted left off. I didn't get out to kiss him bye or anything. I don't know if I even said bye. Something makes me think I said something about "see you next week". I wish I would have got out and had just one more kiss or gotten to hold onto all that extra fabric one more time, but I had too much to drink to think about how to double park a car and get out.
We drove to our friend Ryans house, got some silvermine subs and he drove us to Carries house. Tony asked if Carrie and I would kiss as payment for the ride to my house. We couldn't make ourselves think it would make the night any weirder...So we did. Ryan and I got to yell out the words to "Pink triangle" on the way to my house, and he took my brandi carlile cd.

Being drunk made tesla think I was more attrative than I really am, and I'm sure it made me think he was cooler than he really was, but if I can think about the feeling I got, and am still getting, from the walk to my car before he kissed me... none of that other stuff matters.


My Idea of Fun said...

Like any other girls night out? A passions party and "sex on the beach"? Whaaaat?

Ryan said...

"Carrie, the gays, and myself used to come in to watch him sing..."
That made me smile.

Let's go see him this week!