Friday, October 17, 2008

there is peanut butter in everything i do.

i woke up this morning in my new room, and my mom told me she'd lost her job.
a girl walking by all of my windows took my mind off of it long enough for me to put on some shoes and get out.
i saw them painting on the corner, and i saw two men standing outside of a funeral home.
i saw two people who'd just had an accident.

the lines and the people in the grocery store were all pointing one way.
i thanked them and made my way.

now there were new men standing outside the funeral home, and this time i noticed them smiling.
i saw them building on two other streets, and i took pictures of each.
one was a church.

a kid at work told me about his breakfast:
some eggs with feta and oregano and some bacon.

a girl almost broke her ankle and then apologized for being in our way.

this is how some days start.

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My Idea of Fun said...

i love this. i love this. i love this.