Thursday, October 30, 2008

Untitled #1

We used Gram's silver dollars to fill in for the missing black and white pieces

That was at the old house
With the rusted front porch swing
And dangling address numbers on the mailbox

It was before we turned upper class
for their sake
the voters liked expensive clothing

It was before I wandered downstairs
and found him on top of you
Then gasps,
Then shouts

You would try to explain it all to me later
Like an older sister is supposed to
I would ignore it
And you would again get lost in your cellphone screen

I would realize that we were done smiling the same way for the camera,

I would long for the times when we were bored on rainy days
and the only thing worth doing was rummaging through Gram's closet,
hoping we didn't get caught trying on her ugly dresses

Amongst all the new laughter, I'm still nostalgic for hand-me-downs

- C.W.

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