Saturday, January 26, 2008

upstairs. the street that makes it seem we're in a different city.

consider everything. the blue and pink leis hanging on the wall. haha. this isn't my apartment. but i'm here. don't really know this person either. but it's cool. these four dudes are just sitting here, talking...about funny shit. when you make an attempt to listen to a group of men, sometimes it's neat to not care what they say. and act like you don't really care and you're just a weird girl on a computer stoned out of her mind and just looking around. there's a "the doors" cloth hanging on the door. it's wood. thank god.

cheesy know like...just saying what you mean, and all the shit that comes into your head and trying not to be too...distancing, to the world. and believing in your self, whatever. that kinda goofiness....of not bein too....tooo.... i dunno. you know.
something haha. hahaha. okay..anyway...
"you think things might be okay?"

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