Thursday, January 17, 2008

oh, what lust does.

I realized that because of a certain boy, the Red Cross probably won't want my blood. You know that questionnaire you have to fill out before you get your finger pricked to get your iron levels (mine: always low. I always eat spinach and take a supplement before going)? Well, yeah. I'd have to check 'yes' to a lot of those boxes I've never checked before! All because the son of a preacher. The son of a preacher! The son of a preacher, for Christ's sake!

It's humorous really. Tonight, I'll do something that will make me have to check another box. It's strange. Lying to the Red Cross.

But if they asked my doctor, they'd know my blood does not reflect the behavior on the checklist. And I've got the type that could go into any of you. Funny thing is, he's the only person I know whose blood I can receive. Well, him and my cancerous cousin. Doesn't make it any less valuable.