Thursday, January 10, 2008

Untitled number 2.

“Well, that was fun.”
“Let’s get the hell out of here.”
“Are you serious?”
“As a heart-atta-.”
He paused and wondered if she had heard him. Maybe his faux-pas had been drowned out by the sound of the 50 or so other mourners sliding back their metal folding chairs as they stood, eager to get out of their stuffy black clothes.
He started to apologize, but she interrupted.
“It’s alright. You didn’t mean it. You’re right, anyways. Let’s go.”
As they shuffled through the disarrayed chairs and made their way to the car, she held his hand tight. By the time they got to the car, she was sweating.
“It’s fucked up.” She started the car. “This is the same dress I wore the first time we-.”
“Haha! Oh my God!” His laugh was nervous. He knew what she was thinking. He had, after all, been with her, off and on, anyway, since college. Right now, they were off, at her request, but now, in the car… The car? It was in her father’s name. He wondered what that might mean, but he knew she wouldn’t care. She wasn’t concerned with things like that and preferred to let her brothers fight over such details. “Don’t you think that’s weird?”
“Yeah. I mean, I guess.” He was still nervous. If she wanted him right now, would this mean they were together again? He wanted to think so, but she had acted so unfeeling about her own father’s death that he could only assume that she was just trying to feel anything, even if only for a few minutes.
The parking lot was almost empty. In fact, the only car left besides hers was a long gray Cadillac with a vanity plate reading “HELM,” the second name appearing in raised gold script on the business cards that had probably already been thrown away by the other guests.
He placed his hand on hers, which clutched the gear shift. Still unsure what this would mean to her, he had decided that he didn’t really care.
They finished just as “HELM” was pulling out of the parking lot. She signed and put on her oversized sunglasses, as he, in an attempt to appear nonchalant, threw his tie onto the back seat and muttered, “Well…that was fun.”


Ian said...

These are a little cutesy, but I like them. Kind of reminds me of Ray Carver.

My Idea of Fun said...

This reminded me of the funeral scene in High Fidelity.