Thursday, January 17, 2008

i got all the patches together. i got something done... now i just have to figure out how to map out the quilting the layers together part.... map out.... that would be sweet if the quilts i made all had a literal map quilting it together. i don't think people would really et it though when they saw them. they would just think i didnt know how to sew in stright lines... it would work maybe on just a plain peiece of fabric, one color, quilt. or i could have patches for some of the buildings or bodies of water. i'll try it. "home town quilts" i mean i want one of old westmont is all i'm sayin'... anyway this is what i got done yesterday. i finished getting all the patches on today like i said...

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My Idea of Fun said...

fuck, cupcakes!

fuck cupcakes!

this is sweet looking. quilting, while not one of my hobbies, is a cool thing to do. i admire.