Sunday, January 6, 2008

I'm sorry I made you lose something.

I'm sorry I made you lose something. I know how bad it can hurt. The thing is, it's a part of life. Losing is. I, for example, have lost enough things that I've lost track of the number. That's at least two things lost.
The good part is you only lost some paper. Maybe some plastic, too, depending on how far you got. And time, obviously, which is probably the most upsetting part of the whole loss. I'll do my best to help replace the things that can, in the eyes of some, be replaced. Let's hope your eyes our more like those of some and less like my own.
You know what? Maybe you've lost as much as I have. Have you lost two things, too? If so, I'm even sorrier.
I dont know. I never know. I'll be on the porch if you want to talk.

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