Monday, January 14, 2008

1.) If we trust our own senses it serves as a communication tool.
-If we claim to distrust our senses, then how can we ever relate to one another’s thoughts, feelings and sensory experience?
- Connection requires some kind of symbol to gain understanding. If we consider nothing to be concrete, then what tools do we have to communicate with?
2.) No one can feel what you feel.
-If you only have one scope, why not explore it?
-If we limit our natural reactions, and do not take the time to understand them, we are limiting our experience.
3.) Has anything terribly extraordinary happened to you to make you doubt your senses?
-Have you ever woken up from a dream and not been sure it was a dream for any
longer than a day?
Can you show that your senses deceive you on a daily basis? If so, how?
4.) We do trust our senses every day.
-When we are walking down the street, if we see a pile of shit, do we step in it?
No. Why? Because we trust that what we see is shit and we trust that there will be consequences.
5.) As humans we have a natural disposition to want security.
-Why should we not feel it by trusting ourselves? (thinking, feeling, seeing)
-Distrust creates gaps between oneself and the natural world as well as other humans.
- Depression from being detached versus the quest for truth. How long will you last?

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