Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stoney Bones

1. It is impossible to comprehend or even imagine the totality of Nothing. Nothing is the absense of all things, of all matter and all ideas. Time would be meaningless... There would be no meaning! There would be nothing to measure, no qualities whatsoever. Nothing would not be all black or all white, for that gives it quality and Nothing has no quality!
It IS impossible!

2. All things exist at this present moment. There will be no more, no less. There was no more, no less. The same ammount has always and will always exist. Sure, there are different forms, but always the same ammount. All is constantly changing, from one to the other, but it is still the same. Which is to say, as cliche as it sounds, I am my mother and I am my father, my brother, my grandparents and so on and so forth. I know I am my father, for my sight comes from him. I see as he does. We are all parts of the sum. We are seeds and plants and animals and families and friends and so on and so forth. All things are connected because we are all things.

3. In Nothing we are, just you just I. Before the Nothing you marveled at my youth, but time and distance has no meaning here. There is nothing to measure and the only difference is that you are one and I am another. All (you and I) is equal.


1. This is why The Neverending Story is horrifying to me, and also why some people are afraid of death. The unknown is frightening.

2. Stoned neo-hippie obsessed with Cell biology.

3. Attempt at being poetic. Ha!

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