Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Untitled number three.

Eight. Easily! Probably a nine without that stupid hat.
I wait until she rings up the fat family. I bet they leave a shitty tip. that's how they can afford to get so fat. God, go to the fucking gym, and take your porky kids with you. At least a fucking swim class. Christ.
Here she comes. She's already smiling at me. I hope that fat fuck sees this. this is the kind of attention you get when you just take care of your body.

"Hey. what can I start you with?"

Drinks seems like an obvious start. I ask her what she'd be drinking if she weren't working. She giggles briefly. It's kind of annoying, but I'd like to hear what other sounds I can get her to make. Before she answers, I tell her to bring me a Red Bull and vodka. She probably drinks fucking Appletinis. I know I still have vodka at my place. I can mix a couple of fruity drinks if that's what it takes.

She's practically running back with my drink. It's mixed really well. Obviously, she wants me to stick around. I finish my drink, and as I make for the bathroom, I hear conversations through the wall. It's muffled by the shitty college rock, but I can tell it's her by that giggle. I make out a few key words.
"Blue hat." "Corner table. "My place." "Baby."

I fix my hat in the mirror and head back to my table. Some douchebag bumps into my elbow. I turn to face him,a nd he's already apologizing. I tell him it's cool. Where is she, though? And why the fuck is he still standing here?

"You want another Red bull and Vodka?"

What the hell is this? I ask him where she went.

"Jess?" I guess I never got her name. I mention her dumb hat.
"Yeah, that's Jess. She's done for the night. Had to get back to her place and relieve her babysitter. Can I get you something?"


Ian said...


My Idea of Fun said...

this was supposed to be from the point of view of someone who isn't really who he thinks he is. in this case, the guy doesn't realize he's a piece of shit.

My Idea of Fun said...

More songs with "douchebag" in the lyrics, please! Haha. This is good stuff.