Monday, January 14, 2008

basement show book.

"My boobie drawing is better than Josh's" "<---this guy is a fag."
"Happiness is a dimly lit room with good people, good music and good (cheap) alcohol."
"Yes, Bryan it is the perfect three-disc set."
"It was a house show, which means it was great. There were only like 15 people there. Between songs there was an awkward silence. During songs, every one of us felt like things could change. It was the best kind of show."
"I was in your house and saw something scurry across the floor. It was a leaf, dead, blown by wind from a fan. I'm glad I'm not dead. (Now you're house reminds me of how I'm alive!"
"Last time I read a book, I was raped. Let that be a lesson to you."

"It's good to see my cat, and my love(s). And my doves. And to see Dale Cooper again .Do you think there's really any point to writing if you're just making shit up?"
"Toilet paper, kitty food, pickles (dill, duh), milk, cold cereal, sunshine dust."
"This message is from Chris Bell, who wishes he still knew cursive. Man, I wish I still knew cursive. Ian invented the tripod hit. Where's the dope?"
"This time, I lost $21 and i got it back."
"Keep your house a rockin'. Keep the side door closed."
"Kendra is a girl who lets too many boys sleep over!"
"Women love talking about children."
"I love being in love. I don't care what it does to me."
"Is it really a surprise that I love you?"
"You can be my Jesus Christ."
"I wanna die in a happy city."
"Bagel bagel bagel i made out of dough and when you're tasty, i will eat! vote mayor 07"
"I dig your modern/minimalist style. Keep it up, house."
"Let's all have a great life and sing. I write like my dad."
"That boy was very suave when he came in to ask for tea."
"Fuck yinz. -Bill Molyneaux."
"I can't help that I'm crushin'."
"That Iran warship stuff is such bullshit. Now we are going to go and destroy their country too. It really makes me feel frustrated. Just needed to vent."
"Fuck your pipes though!"
"Hi I Am Corey and I am DUDES. You dudes are my dudes...dudes."
"Everybody needs to reconsider 'Jingle All the Way.'"
"It snowed in B-A-G-D-A-D today. 70 degrees in Pittsburgh yesterday. Goodbye cruel world..."
"This is why."
"i see: laura lacie ang kelly vanessa heather laci jordan joe ian chris shawley."
"This is the tops -- these peeps - my life."


My Idea of Fun said...

I totally forgot about tripod hits. Man, that night of their invention ruled.

My Idea of Fun said...

sometimes i can't believe how much i feel things about/for/in place of/with everyone else.